About Us



Some of the attributes that enabled us to successfully embark on the path success are as follows:
• Competitive pricing
• Quality Products
• Customization
• Consultation services
• Estimated lead time of delivery
• Customer focused approach


“Continue to be the consumer’s first choice and a name to trust”


“To achieve leadership and earn that trust by satisfying the expectations of consumers, whose daily choices drive our performance, of shareholders, of the communities in which we operate and of society as a whole”


A.R.Foods visualized and anticipated a change in the pattern and way of life in the demand for spices. The consumers were looking for spices that could be directly poured from packets into cooking pots. Thus A.R.Foods became pioneers in launching and marketing a full range of attic quality of packed spices with the brand name of “Phool” in early seventies.


Only the best has always been the creed, the manifesto and the philosophy that grew from a small enterprise into mega size campus that conforms and vibrates the highest international hygienic standards and which can boasts of latest state-of-art technology, presently a living legend of success of iron will and firm determination of the three generations.


Later on, this innovative novelty was copied and followed, but the brand name of “Phool” still remains in the market due to progressive strides and transformations in and outside Pakistan. It was started with few items of packed spices in variegated consumer packs which now stand at more than fifty items to meet varying requirements, needs and tastes. Today, three times a day millions of dishes are made with the help of “Phool” spices that reach customer kitchens as a symbol of “quality, satisfaction and genuineness.


A.R. Foods is generations’ old household name in Pakistan. It has been a part of Pakistani kitchens due to the best quality products and a name to trust. We were founded in 1970 with a strong commitment to deliver valued products to its customers. It spans a period of more than four decades providing its customers with the best tasting, most nutritious choices in a wide range of recipe and plain ground spices, herbs, rice, snacks, health and wellness products, desserts, vinegars and a variety of vermicelli.


Our care, ingenuity, vigorous efforts and close attention to detail made us a total quality management company. Our profit is the customer satisfaction that reflects in the smiles of our pleased clients.